Raising the Roof

residentialroofing_contractors_wichita_ksWhen i think of Wichita i know there is real weather and a full four seasons. That is the nice part about living in an area that gets a true Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. You can enjoys many different activities and you are actually limited on some also. You need to know you are safe in the winter and that starts with a safe dwelling. So knowing good roofing companies Wichita Ks is a must. You want to know your kids are safe in their schools and you want to know you wife is safe shopping at the mall. Making sure your mom is safe at her church and making sure you are safe at your place of work is also very important. other wise who would pray for you and who would make the money so your family can thrive. keeping a list of good roofing contractors Wichita ks is a good idea.

So when you are out enjoying the summer weather you may want to stop and smell the roses and remember how lucky you are to have the nice sunshine. This is the best time of the year for many who work in construction. They can get full days of work with uninterrupted hours of daylight and no real concerns about weather. Hopefully the rains are not bad and the weather holds all summer until the leaves start to turn yellow and orange. This is the time most homeowners and business owner know they a should call roofing Wichita ks. Just to get a check up and maybe even clean the roof off and do some general maintenance. A good roof is usually the foundation to a safe and secure place to ride out the storms and make every day a nice day no matter what season it is.

So enjoy your spring and you summer and don’t forget to put in your hard work because when the winter comes it is usually time to spend some time at home with the family and practice adding more children. after all they are such little blessing even when they think they know it all and can do everything better than you. Dont wonder why they are being hipocrits and try not to point out their faults. Just do your best to remember as smart as they think they are, they are still just young and maybe have never been in this position in their life before and do not know how not to act like an ass.

Sightseeing on a Budget

Sightseeing on a budget will require a good taxi service or cab service like Riverside Taxi. Don’t hesitate to call riverside_taxithe best taxi in Riverside Ca or the inland empire taxi service with the best reputation in the industry. Maybe you should stop now and save Riverside Taxi service phone number to your cell phone so you have it when you need it.

Now if you are looking to do some sightseeing on a budget i have some great ideas for you. You can see all that a town has to offer as long as you do not fall for those expensive kiosk type travel agents. You can use them for their maps of the stars homes but even those products will be very over priced. The only thing i would ever recommend buying from a tourist type street vendors is the bobblehead of the pope. They might have some good ideas for places to visit so you can stop in and use them for their information on what people like to come see in the city you’re visiting.

Now you will want to pack a lunch for sure to avoid the overpriced restaurants that tourists usually flock to.  Even if you bring your lunch you can still stop in to some of the hot spots and just have an h’orderve or desert maybe even down a quick beer to make the trip more pleasant. This way you can at least visit all the spots your wife will want to go to and take some photos to show your cat when you get home. A good taxi cab service will know where to go to get the best food in the town so ask your driver.

You will want to play it safe and try to hit the hotspots for their specials and save a little money. You want to be frugal but not so tight that everyone is noticing and maybe you do not get that second date you wanted. If you don’t care then you are my kind of traveler. Go cheap and skip all the meals and visit the local casino and score free drinks. You can even do the old choking routine and have your Riverside Cab service parked close for quick getaway.

Frugal Jonny out for now, happy Travels



Are the big cats moving pianos?

Moving_pianos_San_DiegoSo really now, are the big cats moving pianos? Well, seeing how the piano is one of the greatest centerpieces of all time with it’s great appeal to the eye and equally matched sound it produces, the answer is yes.  The difficult thing is having to move one of the big cat’s pianos.  So when one of the big cats needs their pianos moved, they call on United Piano Movers San Diego.

You’d think that most of our San Diego Chargers would be able to throw that piano up over their shoulder and walk all the way to their new residence with it.  Well, seeing as they could any day of the week in a heartbeat, they still won’t.  You can’t have a big injury from a wussy event like that – not like moving pianos is to be said in negative terms like that but just imagine if Phillip River’s is out of the game “because he tried to move his piano himself!” Everyone would mock him pure and simple.

That’s why we go with the trusted company, who has the licensing, the ratings, and the skill set to move our pianos without damage or harm.  And seeing as United Piano Movers have been around for 15 some at years, they are a great choice to move our pianos.

Here are only a couple reasons we use them:

  1. They have great customer service – always respond and treat with care.
  2. They are a local company – we know the manager and operators  by name.
  3. They have great reviews – always nice to go with trusted service providers.
  4. It’s all about San Diego baby – why order a service from out of the city when you can stay local?

United Piano Movers San Diego gives us what we need and we are extremely thankful for it.  Every now and then I’ll Dianne up for a chat because she’s such a sweet heart.  That’s how much I appreciate these guys and they are the number 1 piano moving company in SD for sure.

Piano moving is an odd bid, and not too many people realize there is a need for this service until they need their piano moved, but, I tell you, this service is a must and anyone with a piano will tell you that. They are the best San Diego Piano Movers around!

So next time you use their great service, come on by to us here at CatFlapMag and tell us what a great service they are and how not disappointed you are because you chose to listen to the Chargers and get a bangin’ piano moving service that really met your needs.

Party Bus livin’ in San Diego

Hey all,

So it’s been a while since we’ve reached out but we are extremely excited for our big win against the Raiders. That was truly one in the bag that we Chargers needed dearly. And to celebrate the big win, we all decided to take a super rad and nice party bus in San Diego with none other than SD Event Limo.

We were able to catch a whole ton of fun with the crew who did make it for the ride and boy let me tell you, downtown San Diego was crazy! Did I mention this party bus has stripper poles? Yeah.

So this was one splendid night of debauchery. The girls were dancing their fine pretty selves way into the depths of the night. And we just all around had a great night too. We were in for one heck of a surprise when we got back into town because this party bus in San Diego did the trick to keep our wheels spinnin’.

If you could imagine the movie Old School where Mr. Blue had a heart attack, well this was that times 10. This San Diego Party Bus really took us for a ride and man oh man, did we show the town one good night.

Just wanted to let you know we’re still alive and kicking and getting ready for the next big games to the play offs and making it to the finals. We must celebrate, all of us, so this party bus in San Diego is really doing the trick until we play against New England. Just thought I’d chime in and let you know that SD Event Limo is killing it when it comes to party buses and San Diego nightlife. Ciao  till next time, only at catflapmag.

Are Cats Taking Limo Rides in San Diego?

Yelimo interiors, that is the question. Are cats taking limo rides in San Diego? It’s a question of some pretty serious matter. But it would appear that limo rides are being taken by the big cats in San Diego and here’s why.

Limousine adventures are awesome and a lot of fun and when you get the opportunity to take one, you really want it to be a good time. That’s why us big football cats (we are undercover, BIG STAR football cats, but that’s besides the point) are taking limo rides form the most extravagant and luxurious limo companies of all time. At least, of all the other San Diego limo service available out there.

The San Diego Chargers take one limo company and one only, and that’s a fact. Because they trust the service and it’s for big shot players. It’s simply, that simple. The best limo service San Diego has to offer cannot be denied by the Chargers themselves. That’s why they continue to use it over again. Only good things have been said and in football, that’s uncommon. So now that you know, hook up with the best limo service in San Diego.

So when the Chargers need limos for their weddings chauffeured, need exclusive service to the airport and what not. This is the limo service in San Diego. They stick with the good stuff, and only that. Why? Because it’s simple and easy and they can use them again and again without any problem,s, complaints… Nothing but pure joy and satisfaction.

And the Chargers have been playing so well this year that we would be stupid not to listen to them. That’s why we love football. And we love limos. Especially local limo services in San Diego who are fully local companies. Now that, we can support.